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Damon Printz came to work on the family farm


In 2013, Damon Printz came to work on the family farm and ranch of his great uncle Ron Lerwick in Wyoming.  He asked for a challenge in addition to farm and ranch work.  To save driving 15 miles checking water on busy summer days, cousin Monte Lerwick challenged Damon to come up with a communication device that would transmit the level in remote stock tanks.  Over the last six years, Damon has designed and refined what became known as the Tank Toad, a remote stock tank monitoring solution.  The Tank Toad has evolved to include cellular and satellite connectivity technologies.  In the sparsely populated areas of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Montana, it became clear there were many areas lacking cell service of any kind.  The focus of the last two years has been refining satellite technology.  The cellular technology proved to be valuable to many customers and the satellite technology is now ready for distribution.

The main goal is to produce a dependable remote monitoring solution for farmers and ranchers, with an emphasis on financial return.  The result for ranchers who are already stretched thin is peace of mind and more family time.  The Tank Toad does not give false readings for low levels in water tanks.  The product has proven to be a valuable asset to our friends, neighbors and now to a much wider customer base.  For 2021, our company Meadowlark Solutions is happy to offer farmers and ranchers a field-proven tool to manage their water systems.

What started out as a summer project has evolved into a product that gives Meadowlark Solutions great confidence and pleasure in offering this trustworthy technology.  This product is engineered, designed and produced by ranchers for ranchers and has excellent tech support.  


Tank Toads are powered by solar energy and measure water with either pressure or sonar sensors.  They transmit information in the form of a text to a number of choice and can be texted at any time for more readings.  

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